Three Health Benefits Of Adding Water Features Indoors in an Office

You may have already heard how valuable plants can be indoors however they are not the only aspect of nature that you can bring into your home for added benefits. Have you ever spent a summer afternoon at the side of a flowing creek in the woods, wouldn’t you like to bring that feeling into your own home? Is actually possible with indoor water features.




An indoor waterfall for an office or home, if placed correctly indoors, can be rather elaborate and require a significant amount of space or they may be quite simple. Depending upon the amount of space that is available, individuals are only limited by their budget and imagination. For large entryways such as foyers or atriums, a large pond or a layered fountain may be an excellent choice. For always, meeting rooms or small office spaces a tabletop fountain or wall fountain may just be enough. Regardless of the size of the water feature, it is going to bring added benefits.




One of the major benefits of moving water is its ability to relax and calm. In areas where there may be a lot a stress such as an office building, the sound of water may help to reduce the stress levels and increase overall productivity. The sound of water is also a form of white noise which helps to block out distracting noises and allows individuals a better form of concentration. Order features that are placed in areas that create anxiety such as dental offices and hospitals and helps to reduce anxiety levels and make the experience more pleasant for patients.


Negative Ions


Another feature of moving water is its ability to generate negative ions. There has been much research into negative ions and their overall environmental effect in offices and indoor spaces where air conditioning and electronic appliances made of pleat them. Negative ions are an essential way to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which helps to decrease drowsiness and offer a higher state of mental energy. Negative ions also attacked us against the various germs in the air by protecting us from the various particles.


It has also been suggested that negative ions may be able to increase the levels of serotonin which helps to enhance the human mood. Negative ions may allow employees to feel better physically and mentally and moving water is one of the easiest ways to bring negative ions indoors.




One of the final benefits that water features can bring to indoor spaces is an increased level of humidity. Having moving water indoors helps to raise the humidity levels in the surrounding area. This can be especially important in where the temperature is always regulated through central heating or air conditioning. Individuals are going to feel more comfortable with moister air and plants will generally thrive more due to the higher levels of humidity.


Indoor order features have the ability to add visual stimulation as well as several benefits to the indoors. Take the time to learn further about these benefits and create beautiful indoor areas that include water. Whether it is a large fountain surrounded by tropical plants or a tabletop fountain with a couple of orchids, water has the ability to enhance the indoor area. Once the water feature has been added to the room, you will soon see an increase in productivity and better moods and the flowing water helps. Start planning your unique water feature today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

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