Tips to Avoid Back Pain from a Professional Chiropractor

The most common part of the body that people seem to have problems at some point of their life is the back. Back pain is a common part of our everyday lives that most people accepts it as “normal” and ignore it. Support from a chiropractor can help greatly, but you also have to help yourself get rid of back pains. Here are some tips to help avoid back pain from Christian Farthing, a professional chiropractor:

Carefully Lift Heavy Objects

A common cause of back pain and back strains is very poor lifting techniques. It is important to be careful and observe the proper way when lifting heavy objects. When lifting heavy objects, keep your back in a straight position and use your legs to lift the load. When we are getting tired, we usually use our legs lesser when lifting objects, this results to back injuries. Also, take note not to twist your body when carrying heavy things. If you need to turn, move your feet until your body is facing the direction you want to turn to.

Doing Back Exercises

Exercise is an important part of your overall health for a lot of reasons but it can also cause injuries if you don’t do it properly. When doing a series of exercises, take the time to warm up properly beforehand and cool down properly when you’re done.  Most people go straight to their exercise routines, or play strenuous sports without warming up. Doing this without proper back exercises lead to injuries because the back muscles are still cold and tight. Find an exercise that’s within your fitness range and protect your back before, during, and after.

Have Proper Nutrition

Many people don’t know that it is essential to have proper nutrition to achieve good spinal health. Drinking a lot of water and eating healthy foods will help keep weight off your back. If you are overweight, you carry excess weights in your stomach which leads to an imbalance. This imbalance results to stress on your lower back. Change your diet to reduce the stress on your back If you suffer from back pain and carry extra weight in your stomach.

Avoid Too Much Sitting

In general, people today sit more than they should. Many jobs require long hours at a computer and it can take a toll on your health. Our body is designed to move. Sitting all day causes the discs of the spin to compress. Everyone can’t change jobs and profession but make you walk around each day to take some pressure off your spine.

If you like more back pain tips, contact the Bodywell Group. Dr Christian Farthing and his team are here to help answer your back problems. Feel free to contact them today.

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