A Guide to Purchasing a Garden Fountains

Are you considering purchasing a garden fountain this summer – read our guide to get an idea on what to look out for.


 You can create a natural space for fish to live

One of the best ways to add more life into your fountains and ponds in your back yard is to add some fish. There are many different types of fish and they will all have differing needs. For example, goldfish work well in most spaces and are quite affordable whereas kois need a lot more space in order to swim and live comfortably. You will also need to remember that the fish will need to have clean water as well as pond plants, food, algae etc. They typically eat fish food which can be purchased at almost any pet store. However, before you add fish to your pond, you need to consider if you have other animals such as cats or dogs. They may kill your fish simply by trying to play with them or out of curiosity. Even if you are a pet lover, you should think long and hard before getting fish since they will have relatively short lives in comparison to dogs and cats.

Pond plants are quite cheap

If you have fountains or large water based features, you can add pond plants that will be natural decoration. One of the most popular floating plants is water lettuce in addition to water lilies which are both quite affordable. You can even visit a local beach or river and find your own water plants, seaweed, sea corals etc for free. The most popular seaweed is green and brown which is algae. However, if you want to add more color, then you can get yellow or red seaweed to make your pond or fountain look like a rainbow of colors. However, make sure that you add vitamins, salt and sugar to the water on an occasional basis to feed the plants. They will also need sunlight so make sure that is available.

By having a water fixture, it will attract a variety of wildlife and birds to your yard

If you have a water fixture in your yard, then a variety of frogs, birds, insects and other animals will be attracted to your yard due to the availability of water. So, in order to encourage more animals to come, you should make sure there are lots of plants and trees there as well. You will need to do more work than just buy a fountain, switch it on and leave it there. You will need to properly position the fountain and make sure that it has all of the accessories. Now, if you intend on adding small sea animals or fishes, you should know that they will harm or eat the seaweed and you will need to maintain the pond or water fountain. However, if you enjoy taking care of your water fixture, then this won’t be a problem.

By having a water fixture in the yard, it will cool down the garden

During the summer or on hot days, a water fixture will go a long way to cooling down the garden according to outdoor fountain pros. This will make it quite enjoyable and allow for aquatic or semi aquatic plants to grow. One of the best things about having a water fixture in your backyard is that after rain has fallen, you can enjoy a rainbow, right in your backyard.

However, in order for you to enjoy this cooling effect, the water in the water fixture needs to be extremely clean, clear and well maintained.

Having a water fixture in your yard will make it look larger

The fact that water is reflective in nature, will make any space that it is in, look larger. In order to maximize on these reflective properties, you should choose a feature or water fountain that is a dark color. Also, you should place underwater lights so you can enjoy looking at it in the night. You can use a variety of colors as well as eco lights that will get charged from the sun during the day and then light up at night. This is actually very calming as well as beautiful and will help you to reduce any anxiety and stress you may have.

Increased serenity in your garden

By having a water fountain in your garden, the sound will be very tranquil and it is a great fixture to have if you live in a noisy area. It will help you to create a space where you can get in touch with nature. Water is actually a therapy and even if you may not be able to go to the beach or by a river, by having a water fountain or pond in your yard, it will help you to soothe your mind and body. In order to enjoy an even better therapeutic effect, you can even plant flowers that smell sweet and tend to bloom during the night.

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