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Easy Almond Flour PancakesBy Albert the FoodieBeing on the keto diet can be hard, but finding yummy keto breakfast ideas doesn’t have to be. This easy keto pancake recipe is exactly what you want to make if you’re looking for an easy keto breakfast idea. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been doing keto for a while, you’ll find this recipe easy and convenient.
Keto Breakfast SandwichBy Albert the FoodieThese low carb Keto Breakfast Sandwiches have been floating all over Social Media and are the perfect low carb spin off to McDonald’s McMuffins. Yeah, you can simply order 2 McMuffins, remove the English muffins, and stack the insides on top to devour! But make it at home and you will save money, time, and can add make it anyway you want!
Keto Chicken SaladBy Albert the FoodieSummer calls for quick and easy go-to lunches to have in your back-pocket during the week. You can’t beat simple classics like tuna salad, egg salad and this easy chicken salad recipe.
Keto tuna saladBy Albert the FoodieDid you know that canned tuna is the second most popular seafood product in the U.S. after shrimp? Research shows that roughly 25% of all American consumers serve tuna at least once per week. All that American consumed tuna adds up to roughly 1 billion pounds of canned and pouched tuna a year!
keto spinach saladBy Albert the FoodieThis recipe is for a healthy low carb and Keto spinach salad topped with a warm candied bacon dressing. It’s a tasty lunch or dinner with just 2g net carbs per serving.
Broccoli Cheese SoupBy Albert the FoodieIt makes no difference if you are on a keto diet or not, this low carb broccoli cheese soup will be loved by all. Which means the entire family can enjoy a healthier version making dinnertime an easy breeze.
Keto Potatoes For BreakfastBy Albert the FoodieIf you’re craving a hearty, feel-good breakfast but are watching your carbohydrate intake, try this low-carb keto bacon potato dish.
Low-Carb Chicken SoupBy Albert the FoodieJust pick up a cooked rotisserie chicken and let’s get on it! OR, you can use leftover cooked chicken breasts.
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